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Full Moon March 7 Energy Report: Be Free

Updated: May 18, 2023

Happy Full Moon, Empath!

Here's your Full Moon Energy Report for March 7, 2023. When reading this Guardian Transmission, make note of any sensations in your body. You might experience a heart opening, feelings of upliftment, more stability, or subtle expansion of your energy field where peace and love flow in.

Be free.

Be free to express who you really are.

Be free to say what needs to be said to those you love.

Be free to assert boundaries so you can be in proper control of your reality, not subject to others’ emotional whims.

Act out of your free, sovereign Will.

This Full Moon, stand tall, Guardian, and show your true essence. Activate more of your Mutlidimensionality; bring more of yourself forward. Embody your greatness.

Shine your light, exert your bravery, and draw on your unique artistic capabilities. Creativity needn’t just be of the fine arts. Maybe you’re very creative with how you procure resources or prepare meals or communicate with others.

Please don’t hide this Full Moon.

Be free to express your true feelings about the state of the world now. It’s a time on the planet for more awareness and revelations. Be part of this great Awakening by talking freely on the subject. This is the time to do that.

There is great protection in speaking your mind now because of your unique angelic coding. Earth Angels, you came here to do this. Every word you utter, every choice you take makes a difference. Now is the time to be more open about how you really feel.

So be authentic and true to your Angelic mission. Stand up for what you believe in. Stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. Be their voice in forums, media, gatherings and meetings.

The more you tune into that inner knowing that the world isn’t meant to be this way, the more impact you’ll make. Don't assume it's too late to reverse anything. Your desire to change what isn’t working ripples out into the fabric of the universe to conjure solutions you never dreamed possible.

Now is the time for that. So contemplate what isn’t working. What isn’t fair. What’s wrong and what’s unacceptable for a modern day society. Say NO to what’s not working, both inwardly and out. This is how you change your reality. This is what you came all this way (from the future) to do.

Be free now to ensure more freedom in the future. Be FREE now to amplify the frequency of freedom on the planet.

May it be so


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