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Full Moon August 2023 Energy Report

Today’s post was written to help you best navigate the energies arising during this full moon portal and moving into next week. This is a grand event with a lot of power and I don’t want you to miss a thing, so here are 5 things you can expect to be dealing with around this Full moon and just beyond.

Full Moon August 2023 Energy Report

Full Moon August 2023 Energy Report

1. People asking for help.

Depending on the situation, you might be asked to intervene, smooth out a problem, or donate your time, energy or money to a certain cause or individual. You are always free to act your own way, but if you can, and if you feel called, please do stop and make the effort to assist. People coming your way need extra compassion right now and someone to listen to. While it’s not always convenient, and there are always those who take more than they give, as an angelic or master being on the planet, you should find ways to make manifest more love in real ways. Whether that be by buying a young homeless girl a sandwich, or driving your neighbours’ kids to the mall, be present as much as possible to your surroundings. Ask where can you make a real, local difference now, even if it’s just in the smallest of ways. Full Moon August 2023 Energy Report

2. Loneliness

This moon holds a strange lunar energy that can make you want to close yourself off. You might feel like you can’t possibly go out and be with people, especially in loud areas or large crowds. Resist the urge to completely isolate yourself now because it's the opposite action, mingling and socializing, that will bring you the most peace. If you are feeling needy or lonely, make sure you get out and find someone who could use your ear. Try to focus on others at this time to quell any restlessness or boredom. Sit on a park bench and see who comes by. Visit your local pet store and connect with some furry friends and their owners. Be open to chat in the supermarket or while walking your dog. Choose to visit elders and make time for those who are down and out. Have a few short, meaningful conversations with different people. This way you can stay light as a butterfly, without getting too entangled in others’ problems. The idea is to stay light and spread joy, not to fix others’ problems or get mired in their suffering. Ensure you are getting out into the world with your vibration. Just being 'out there' is what is needed during this Full Moon.

3. Restlessness, boredom & feeling adrift

Staying home and shoving your nose in a book, while productive, can leave you feeling more empty or adrift than usual. Instead, seek to engage with the higher frequencies available through the natural, physical world during this Full Moon. Be seen, touch, taste and smell. The more you feed your natural senses, the more nourished and grounded you’ll feel. The tendency now is to separate oneself, to be aloof, close oneself off and focus on intellectual pursuits. But the downside is that you can feel lost or disconnected unless you're making a deliberate attempt to engage with the natural world. Listen to the water wherever it is rushing or roaring for a deeper, more transcendent kind of experience. Connect to the land and waters nearby, make yourself known to the Earth, and see what opportunities come about as a result. There is a real live feedback system that you can plug into and feel nourished by, if you can just get off the computer and leave your house.

4. Re-set Energy, Strength & Determination

While I encourage you to be more in your body during this lofty Full Moon, there's also very strong energy to support a physical re-set. There's a wonderful opportunity now to be more deliberate with what you put (or don't put) into your body or to replace old habits with better ones. You will have the determination and grit to shift back on course from any extremes. A firm decision is all that's needed so just go for it. The best time to clean up will be after the Full Moon has peaked on the evening of August 1st.

5. Tiredness

You might feel exhausted around this Full Moon. Sunday and Monday were especially difficult for me and I had to listen deeply to my body to know when I could exert energy on the things that needed to get done. Naps might be in order now. Remember your energy can fluctuate even within one day, so give yourself a break if you find it too tough to stick to your schedule. You will get your tasks done, just maybe not in the order you wanted. At the end of the day, if you are too tired to cook, look for ways to make it easier on yourself. Order takeout or do a potluck style where everyone contributes a little. Communal efforts will go a long way now. Find ways to rest without oversleeping, which can make you feel even more lethargic or bored. Ask your partner for a massage or spend the evening with family playing board games or watching a light movie. This is a time to laugh and chill. It’s also a good week to attend a class or workshop and to be with others, focused on a group activity, not necessarily on fixing anyone’s problems. Keep it light but also try to have fun.

I hope you enjoyed this Full Moon August energy report. What have you been noticing about the energy of this Full Moon? Let me know in the comments

x with Love on your Journey

Full Moon August 2023 Energy Report

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