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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: Love, Stillness & Grace

Updated: May 18, 2023

lunar eclipse in scorpio

A softening is required right now, amidst the harsh energy of this eclipse. Your job is to dig deep inside yourself to model the Love that you are, outward.

Be patient and willing to suspend judgment now. More love is what is needed.

This is not a time to push your way forward or insist on what you want, at the expense of others.

Listen to the inner voice that says "everything will be okay". It's not as bad as you think. Remember that sometimes our minds get filled with junk from societal and religious programming, what we see on TV, what others are going through, and we take on those thoughts and feelings as our own.

Try to find your inner stillness, that point of being where everything is okay.

Be more loving right now. People need more understanding and compassion. Not at the expense of your own mental health, though. Be clear and calm. No need to get upset when asserting boundaries or clarifying your needs or expectations. Just be clear and calm. Let go of white knuckles. Things will turn out. Trust in the Loving Intelligence Field that is all there is.

A time for a more defensive position. Meaning, not a time to push ahead. Keep your schedule light so you can dance around what comes up with more lightness of being. If you're strapped for time at every turn, you won't have the energy for equanimity.

Be gentle with those you love during this lunar eclipse in Scorpio. They don't always know what they are doing or why they're doing it. Be on the lookout for self-destructive or impulsive behaviour from others. Watch and learn. Watching your loved ones will give you insight into their patterns and unconscious behaviour. You can then gently steer them at another time, when there's more space for listening, towards more healthy agency. Let them know where you see they keep falling into the same traps or where they go about things blindly, causing trouble.

It's not your job to fix or save anyone this lunar portal. Remain centred and still as best you can. Don't get sucked into others' dramas and victim stories. Let people go through their purging without the need to accelerate their pace or teach them anything.

People are learning to let go right now. Let go of expectations, of failed dreams and hopes, of what's not working so they can actually align with a higher way of being. Awakening is seldom easy. People are finding out what's truly important for them, at their own pace. It's not your job to dictate what that is or to pull them through it. Awakening is always experiential, never virtual.

So be gentle and strong. Stand like a pillar and shine like a star. Model to the outside world, to those you love, what is Right and True, in the midst of what is false. Continue to lead spiritually in your own individual social networks, putting Grace first, above all else.

With Love on your Journey


lunar eclipse in scorpio

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