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New Moon July 2023 Energy Report: Perfecting the Puzzle

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

New Moon July 2023 Energy Report

New Moon July 2023 Energy Report: Perfecting the Puzzle

Happy New Moon, Empaths! Here we are again, 28 days later, in a brand new lunar cycle. Feeling into the energies of this lunar portal and the weeks ahead, what has been coming up for me has to do with rebalancing power in life, especially in relationships.

What do I mean by power? I mean the correct distribution of your own energy in relationships, as well as balancing power dynamics in relationship. If you have done a lot of work to bring your solar plexus chakra into correct alignment and understand the correct use of your sovereign will, you'll understand the nature of power struggles more easily. Drawing upon your boundary work is what will give you an edge for the next several weeks.

Just remember, what's happening on the macro, at large scale, is due to energetic changes on the planet. And you'll experience those changes in your own lives, at the micro level, accordingly.

Right now there is a huge push to accelerate a change in the power structures on the planet. We are in a tug of war whereby a group of individuals are literally trying to take control over and harvest the energy of parts of the human population, along with the earth's resources. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the darkness behind these agendas is what is being expelled and forced out into the open by the Krystal ascension energies on Earth.

It may not seem like the Light is winning if you're judging things simply by appearances: that darkness is not about to go out without a fight. Instead, we're seeing an acceleration of the agenda and its corresponding chaos. There's lots going on: time is speeding up, more and more people are Awakening to what's really happening, and the globalists are desperate to complete their plans before time runs out. There is a feeling of urgency, as well as fear of the unknown, in the collective.

You might notice this energetic undercurrent of urgency in your daily life in different ways. You might be trying hard to make progress on your own goals and feel frustrated by life getting in the way. You feel the urgency but at the same time you might feel blocked, stuck, or that you can't seem to make progress no matter what you do.

This is where you need to look at what you are trying to do, and if you are coming at it from the correct place (frequency). Or it simply could be that there are other destructive forces in the way that need to be expelled first, before you have the green light.

The force of Awakening on the planet is very strong right now. Such a disruptive force is meant to catapult one into changing their way of living. But for those who are much too tightly attached to their old identities and ways of living, instead what happens is that they cling on much tighter, in desperation. They are trying to not change. This can manifest as people in your circles imploding and becoming more self-destructive, or trying to leech onto others for support. We are seeing an increase in parasitic energy right now.

You might find that people in your circle are pushing onto you more and more. Sometimes it can feel like you can hardly breathe and everyone wants a 'piece of you'. Others are unconsciously seeking more power and stability while their own lives start to change or implode. They might be tired of treading water and want you to pick up the slack.

This isn't your fault. It's just the brighter you shine, the more you'll be sought out as a power source. Your job is to see this for what it is and "pull the plug". Engage in regular energy clearings and keep your boundaries firm.

Your job at this time is to recalibrate the best you can. You might notice that your best attempts to get ahead, to plan, to execute and complete projects are being met with a lot of resistance. That's because first there needs to be enough clear energy, without energy leaks and cords, for things to flow and move forward, in alignment with the higher timeline.

Anything that is dense, heavy and dark is going to weigh you down. Know that many people are deep in their own purging processes. Act accordingly to keep yourself as clear and free as possible so you can read the red flags and keep from being used.

We are in a period of re-calibration and refinement. Focus on your relationships and where things need to be repositioned.

Maybe you are in a state of great flux in your household, where roommates have become unruly and you as the main leaseholder, need to finally send someone on their way.It could be a relationship that has become codependent, and one person is relying too heavily on your emotional support, almost feeding off you because they can't self-soothe or find their feet. Or you could be in a work scenario where you're being manipulated into working harder than you can manage, or more than others are willing to, and you need to stand up for yourself so that you don't continue to be taken advantage of.

Doing the right thing in these cases will help bring the chaos in your life back into alignment. It's time to perfect the puzzle and put things back in their right place.

Right now it's so important to question the power dynamics in your relationships and how balanced they are. How settled in your own energy do you feel at home or at work? Are there lines that need to be drawn to help you feel less stressed, stretched thin and more in control?

That's the energy of this New Moon. If you're feeling depleted, disconnected or simply unhappy, ask yourself some questions. Where is the path of least resistance? How can you be more economic with your energy and time? What needs to exit from your life or a situation for you to put things back where they should be? Where have things gotten out of control? Are you giving or taking too much?

Our lives are like delicate puzzles, with many moving parts. But it's up to you to know what goes where and what should not be there.

This New Moon I encourage you to take a pause to handle the things that are directly in front of you that need repositioning. Once you take care of those loose ends and bring your relationships back into balance, there will be more energy to start fresh and gain some ground in your own personal projects and agendas. Until then, use the clearing energy of this New Moon to cut deadwood and re-set things back to zero.

Give yourself a break from the overambitious "machine" part of your identity that wants to have everything moving forward at lightning speed, constantly trying to get somewhere. Instead, honour the diminishing energy that's present and find your still point. Let things fall away, slow down and let yourself catch up. We are also entering retrograde periods for Mercury and Venus so it's natural to feel your momentum slowing down or even stopping entirely.

In my view, now is not a time to push ahead but to pick and sort through, and to create a better foundation for the next growth spurt. Think of it like closing down the apps running in the background that drain your battery and use up processing power when they're not in use. Go through your life and make your fine tweaks now so you can be more economic with your energy. What matches you and who you are and what has outgrown its purpose? In September, you'll pick up where you left off once you have taken care of all those little things.

x With Love on your Journey

New Moon July 2023 Energy Report: Perfecting the Puzzle

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