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energy clearing nanaimo

Pure Energy Healing

Purify and release what shouldn't be there

  • 45 min
  • 115 Canadian dollars
  • In-person or Online with Google Meet

Service Description

Book this energy purification to bring you back into energetic alignment after any trauma or toxic relationships. Clear off negative energy, vampiric cords and entity attachments. Help your body adapt to frequency changes on the planet and relieve 'Ascension symptoms'. Get immediate relief from: feeling stuck and uncertain, persistent negative thoughts, uncontrollable emotions or angry outbursts, persistent states of victimhood, lethargy, sadness, apathy, ruminating, overthinking, waffling, and anxiousness. Due to intense frequency changes on the planet, our energy fields can get clogged up. No matter what we do, it can feel like we just can't move forward or can't clear ourselves, even if we have done a lot of inner work. This can have to do with a build up of stagnant energy, foreign entities, ancestral influences, or distorted holographic imprints in the chakras that can leave you feeling bogged down and less like yourself. Gaps and tears in your energy field can also leave you more vulnerable to taking on foreign energies so it's important to close them! You might be stuck at a lower frequency bandwidth and need someone who works at a totally different level to help you switch gears. This is how I can help. Enjoy a powerful purification that will leave you feeling clearer, calmer and lighter as we transmute cords and denser energies keeping you stuck and feeling bogged down. All that's required is your willingness to let go and let me lead. **Note that most of this session is done while you sit in silence. If you are seeking mentorship or personal feedback, book a Deep Dive instead. For the best results, abstain from drugs and alcohol the week before your clearing. Includes aftercare for 24 hours.

Cancellation Policy

Strict 24 hour cancellation policy. Sorry, no refunds.

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