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How to Listen to Your Body to Know What's Next

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Did you know that as an empath, your own body is your best tool?

Today I want to share with you THE most reliable method I use to tap into my intuition. This is one of my best tips that I normally only share with clients. Today you get to find out what it is.

We have a New Moon today and so many opportunities have opened up for me lately, I was overwhelmed with choice. Where to focus my energy? What will bring me the best results now? If you're an ambitious or creative person with a lot of ideas, maybe you can relate. Should you do A, B, C or D?

How do you decide?

As an empath, your superpower is the ability to feel things very strongly. I don't just mean emotional landscape, although being able to discern between an array of different emotions will definitely sharpen your intuition. What I'm talking about here is your clairsentience. Your ability to sense or feel out energy.

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