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Empath Spiritual Awakening

Welcome, Fellow Empath  Spiritual Awakening

Your Guide to Empath Spiritual Awakening

I created this site to be a place where you can get the support and resources you need, wherever you are on your spiritual journey. Thanks so much for dropping by!


As your empath spiritual awakening specialist, I'm not new to this exciting metaphysical field, and that matters a lot these days when there's so much conflicting information on the web


The truth is, I wouldn’t be in any position to help you with your empath spiritual awakening symptoms without first having done the work myself. So just relax and take a look around. You're in good hands.

You see, after my spontaneous empath spiritual awakening more than 20 years ago, my life changed completely. I had no idea what was happening to me as I underwent radical personality changes and a huge paradigm shift.

Everything in my life changed- my health, my relationships, my priorities and goals. I’d never relate to the world in the same way again.

Does that sound familiar?

But do you know what the worst thing about Spiritual Awakening was? After the joy and bliss faded, I was left hyperaware... of how broken I was.

There were so many emotional wounds- attachments, trauma, unconscious patterns, conditioned beliefs. I thought, “No one else can fix this but me”. 


Spiritual Awakening is such a personal journey, only YOU can make your way. But you can save time, money and heartache if you have an empath Spiritual Awakening Guide to show you the ropes.


Especially when it comes to the energetic changes that your body goes through.

What can you expect on your Awakening journey? Is doing the work really worth it? 


Yes! Undoubtedly so. You, too, can reach a place where life not only makes sense again, but you have the tools, discipline and wisdom to fashion your reality with momentum.


There’s a whole new way of operating now that hasn’t been available to human beings for millenia. When you learn how it all works, it’s like night and day. You’ll feel stronger, more relaxed and more connected. Life will flow and you’ll know how to handle the curveballs that inevitably come your way. In other words, you won’t be struggling in the shadows of 4D anymore. 

Human beings are meant to interface with our environment creatively, not just survive. So your transformation, to embody a new kind of (angelic) human is what you’re here to do. The New Human is not a victim of their environment but a type of being that work together with nature to bring forward new realities.

This is the purpose of your empath Spiritual Awakening. It’s a great liberation from the old ways of being in a world that is crumbling all around you. Yes, these are the end times, but Apocalypse refers to the end of an era- not the end of the planet. Life will continue on earth, but at a much higher vibration.

You’ve Awakened because you’re being given an opportunity to keep up with the changes on this planet and not get left behind.   

It’s my job to help you with this. Because when you are fully engaged and alive on the planet as you’re meant to, you can make real, lasting change in our world.

If you’d like to find out more, or you’d like help on your empath Spiritual Awakening journey, I’d love to help. Contact me using the form on the homepage or book a session with me to get started. You can also visit my Youtube channel. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!


With love on your Journey


x Debra

Debra is everything and more. A real and true gift in anyone’s life. She shares her gifts with you and unlocks your own.

Taya, British Columbia

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