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March 2024 Energy Report: Still Waters Run Deep


Happy New Moon, Empath!


March might not be a very showy month as most of the work is being done on the inside. There could be a tendency to feel very raw at times, like you've been turned inside out and all that's visible is your internal landscape. That's because the opportunity here is to look within.


Relationships are coming into focus now: Our relationship with Self and Other.




We are being asked to examine some very old conditioning so we can keep stepping into a next expression of humanity, where it's safe to trust others and form community. That false survival program of Every Woman for Herself/ Man for Himself is what's coming up to be transmuted now.


Relationships of all sorts will present opportunities for deeper connection and spiritual growth. You can start by asking yourself how your fear of betrayal, abuse or exile has kept you from opening your heart, committing, or dealing with others with more compassion or grace.


Some of you might also find it tough to be in the body this month. This has to do with all the trauma, betrayal, punishment, isolation and abuse you've experienced over lifetimes while you were in human form. There could be overwhelming feelings to escape, numb, hide or shut down because essentially, a part of you associates being in the body with trauma and pain.


Don't be afraid to enlist your favourite somatic energy healer if you need to bring in the big guns for help moving these fear programs out of your body, especially if you find yourself getting sucked into the same stories of victimhood. These are the ego's fear of death karmic patterns coming up for over-write.

That has nothing to do with who you really are as an eternal being without those archetypal, subconscious programs (viruses). This is hardware vs software. Your hardware (human being) is ever upgrading and improving to plug into the new, improved Earth Grid mainframe and run more voltage. But first you need to uninstall outdated programs and delete any viruses.



Still waters may run deep in others, too, right now so you might need to make compromises in relationships, be gentler, delay personal gratification or take one for the team.


If you feel the impulse to be harsh or belligerent, take some time out to connect with your core values. What are you here to do? Are you nourishing and cultivating? Or are you acting from an unconscious survival program, shutting down emotionally or cutting people off to guard against more (anticipated) pain?


Relationships can experience more intimacy now if we can steady our hearts and contemplate from a place of peace and objectivity.

Humans are in fact anti-fragile- we are not as vulnerable as we feel, however sensitive we are.


We actually become stronger as a result of the things we go through. But that resilience doesn't mean we should harden as stone. It means we know how to regroup and bounce back. That's what gives us the strength to open up and trust again.


We are being asked to breathe underwater. If things get too emotional this month, remember to come up for air. Contemplate your infinite nature and your ability to continuously generate more love, even if you've been hurt before. Aim to let your emotions pass over you like water over river rocks instead of holding on so tight you sink you to the depths with any victim stories.


My crystal pick for March, Turquoise, can help you stay balanced while the waters beneath are churning.


Meanwhile, solar energies will be building up all month to climax on the Spring Equinox, bringing in more space for drastic change or push ahead. As the month progresses, you'll have more motivation and enthusiasm to launch, create or build, but also allow extra time for leisure, socializing, creative rest, and connecting with beauty.

If you're the type of person who enjoys taking photos of the sun, there could be quite a show this month with the Light Codes coming in around the 21st.


Remember to draw on your Multidimensionality to ebb and flow between deep inner reflection and the more outward, constructive, solar energy that's building.

Have a deep, rich and peaceful March, Empath

with Love on your Journey

March 2024 Energy Report

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