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Golden Sun- Cord Clearing

Golden Sun- Cord Clearing


19 mins. This technique helps you to rinse off energy you have picked up from others and also clear away cords that lead to siphoning of your life force.


Receive a gentle transmission and learn how to clear cords from your chakras. I guide you step by step to effectively and safely dissolve cords from your energy centres. 


Learning to de-cord is a crucial technique for empaths & sensitives who work as nurses, social workers, massage therapists, or in a correctional facility.


Energy cords are highways upon which energy travels between people, and non-physical beings.


Feeling depleted or drained after spending time with others can be a sign of vampiric cording. Picking up energy from others, like sadness, shame or anger, also happens as a result of cording. 


For highly electromagnetic beings, it's natural to pick up unwanted energy and exchange energy with others unless you know how to  manage your energy field and understand the correct use of your Spirit, or Sovereign Will. 


Don't be suprised if people contact you after you cut cords with them. Unconsciously, they'll have sensed that you cut off their energy source and they'll feel that. Naturally they will try to re-establish a connection with you as a way to make themselves feel better. 


Keep your boundaries strong. It's good practice to end contact with known energy vampires. However, if you must still deal with them, or if they are your clients, then learning to de-cord just becomes part of your job.


Cording is an occupational hazard when doing any kind of energy work or healing profession.  Accept that just as you need to take a shower and keep the outside of your body clean, so do you need to keep clear your own energy and connection to Source.


This is an essential track that allows you to decord at any time you want, plus you receive a gentle healing transmission. 


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