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Energy Healing Nanaimo

debra casagrande

Hi, I'm Debra

I'm an Energy Intuitive and Spiritual Healer based in Nanaimo. Through my unique style of energy healing, readings & mentorship, I've helped hundreds of conscious, intuitive and sensitive people heal and flourish, with more wellness, connection and flow.

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Energy Healing

I offer a unique style of energy work whereby I create a space for healing in the quantum field, using body frequencies. In fact, it's not really me doing it, but Divine Love, in concert with your own Multidimensional Self, under my direction.

I work on many levels but my specialty is clearing & purification.

From cord cutting and chakra clearing to deprogramming and Karmic Imprint Release, many report improvements in pain, mood, and mindset in just one session.


Spiritual Readings

I'm not your typical psychic in the traditional sense. I don't do fortune telling, read tarot or talk to the deceased like a medium does. 


Instead, I read patterns and probabilities in your energy field, or "Eckasha", which is a living record of the past, present and future.

Book with me for practical insight readings, couples readings, chakra readings, past life readings, to dialogue with your Higher Self, and to access your Akashic Records. 



Do you wish you had more control over your psychic gifts? Does your empath sensitivity leave you feeling drained and overwhelmed? Do you struggle with boundaries, attracting energy vampires or narcissists? Or are you looking to develop your psychic gifts?


In mentorship sessions, I help empaths and intuitives learn to manage their psychic energy and become high functioning, with sharper intuition, more energy, and more confidence navigating the unseen worlds.

Debra is everything and more. A real and true gift in anyone’s life. She shares her gifts with you and unlocks your own.

Taya, British Columbia

Workshops & Events

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Ascension is the journey to embody your Multidimensional Self and keep up with the frequency changes on the planet.

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