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June 2023 Energy Report

Are you ready for things to ramp up? Are you ready to take things to the next level? The main theme for your June 2023 Energy Report is CONSOLIDATION, making something stronger or more solid, which could manifest in myriad ways for you. To get an idea, look back to see what you've birthed since the spring. It's time to take stock of how far you've come!

For this full moon, you might feel extra tired. So take that breather now and enjoy the sunshine if you can.

Focus on the small wins for now and prepare to keep working towards your goals. You've got momentum so dream bigger.

The sun will be shining and Mother Earth fully supports even your tiniest movements towards more health and harmony.

Look back at how you've succeeded so far and make some big plans or new goals for the months ahead. 2023 still has plenty of mojo left. Are you on track? Have things (finally) shifted into gear for you or has the current of life shown you a different path?

June 2023 Energy Report

If you're feeling stagnant and doubtful, you might ask, why aren't things moving ahead?

I'm seeing people coming to me with issues that won't budge because they are simply not on the higher future timeline yet.

They are not physically in the same reality where they would even meet their Higher Self's manifestations, which exist in a higher reality here on earth.

If this sounds like you, not to worry. For the majority of the population, that's what this time is for. Making breaks with the old 3D world. Lots of endings. Lots of processing. It's a lot.

For everyone, there's always more cleaning up to do. It's our job in this lifetime so we can keep up with the Earth's journey as she moves through the lighter, inner planes.

How we consume resources. How we treat others. If you are still using other people for your own gains. Other times it's clinging to the past: wanting things that belong to the old you for outdated reasons like status or to appease an identity in you that has very fixed values.

There needs to be a real commitment to truth and living with a high standard of purity nowadays to reap the rewards. If you're still going out and getting smashed every weekend, and running along on autopilot living the same way as always, you simply won't have the frequency bio-energetically to see real dividends on the rest of your efforts, no matter how much sage you burn.

You'll just keep tuning into all the old places and people, with no visible improvement. Opportunities for advancement won't present until you all levels are upgraded: mental, spiritual, emotional and physical. There's very little wiggle room nowadays.

June 2023 Energy Report

If this sounds like you, think of it more mechanically. You haven't quite caught up with your new self yet. You've started the rebirth process, but a push is needed. It means you've got one foot in each world, or each timeline, and you're not all in the same place.

If you're doing all the work and you're still being disappointed by what you're finding 'out there', you could also be in a kind of limbo where things haven't fully positioned themselves yet. It's the same concept where you're consolidating different parts of you, akin to soul retrieval. You're bringing in more and more of yourself and establishing yourself on a stronger footing. But that takes time. Don't worry, it'll come!

The goal is to have more of you operating all from the same fulcrum and frequency spectrum. This is how you can manipulate reality here, for real! It's sort of like a video game in that you need to get to that next level before you can find the treasures and special powers. It's not always fully in your control because our biomechanics are very complex.

Try to be patient with yourself. You can't fake this shit and integration takes time. Just do your best.

Lastly, for the newly Awakened, where is beauty showing up in your life?

What is showing its sacredness to you? Is there a way for you to engage more deeply with the sacred? What small habit can you maintain now to keep your life more dimensional? You're craving depth but take it right down to the material level. Engage with the sacred in the way that is most meaningful for you. Remember the ripple effect. Since we are all connected. When you feel free and purposeful inside, that ripples out into the world. This is your job for this lifetime. To be that crazy star shining forth, being the love in your own unique way.

June 2023 Energy Report

I made this track especially for the months ahead.

So, Empath, get ready for the Solstice Gates.

A power portal is ahead for those who have had enough of pretending. You are not the same person you were even 3 months ago. The growth spurt in spring, where did the energy go? That's what to nurture in your life.

Go where the energy is. If you're not able to manifest that move, that relationship, that promotion, it's because the current of life is directing you elsewhere. Go with the flow now and keep doing the work.

Act now so you'll have more to harvest come Fall. How can you bring what you're achieving for to the next level? Can you make your dream a little bigger or is there something you've been laying the foundation for that needs a big push?

Go for it, now. If you can. Make a sprint for it. You're being fertilized. You're being supported. The sun shines for you and Tortoise is showing herself to me right now. The Earth Mother, and you're on her back. We must all do our part to be instruments of the divine in a place that so desperately needs it.

It's time to consolidate your rebirth. You got this!

x with Love on your Journey

June 2023 Energy Report

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