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Lions Gate Energy Report 2022

Lion's Gate 2022 Energy Report

This year's 8/8 Lion's Gate is coming up quickly. It's a period you want to be in fine form for, to level up. Actually, I've been seeing the tell-tale signs of this new activation period for about two weeks now.

Are the Gates Open?

How do you know if it's 'go time'? The most obvious sign is the acute increase in chaos and fallout to those on your periphery.

People are starting to unravel and self-destruct. There are more accidents, more people crossing over through the 8/8 gate, and more being faced with moral tests and tough choices. This is the tell-tale sign an activation period is revving up.

Before any activation for light accretion takes place, first there is a flushing out of dark energy and trauma from deep within the earth's grids, and from deep within people's cellular memory, as reflected without.

And the chickens come home to roost for those who need to course-correct.

That's what this Ascension journey is all about.

But if you've been living right and you're on the Higher Timeline, this probably won't be the case for you.

You could be faced with trouble sleeping, restless legs, detox symptoms, anger issues, and old addictions or health issues resurfacing. Some days you might feel like you're possessed and it might take all your power to keep your shit together and not lash out like a wounded animal.

Are You Being Tested?

When you're being prepared for DNA activation, such as in the case of the yearly 8/8 Lion's Gate, it can feel like you're being tested or tempted from 'above'. But don't be fooled. Once you're already living right and have a good grasp on the correct use of will, your Higher Self will stop testing you.

What happens instead, is sometimes you can experience targeted attempts by dark players to bring down the most powerful human beings on the planet, the earth's Guardians.

The Return of the Guardians

You'll know if you're a Guardian because you'll have been living like one for some time now. You'll be familiar with the idea of interference and probably have had to deal with lots of it in your lifetime. And you'll also know that this is not your first rodeo, on this kind of planet. In fact, you might be a bit of a specialist in these sticky, tricky places. You will be a very noble being, with an incorruptible heart, who doesn't answer to anyone else except the ONE, despite myriad opportunities to succumb to the darkness on this planet.

Guardians are not Victims

These attempts to interfere with your mission, however, are a kind of occupational hazard for Guardians, who are thorns in the side of the 'black hats'. It's not malicious, not really, so don't get all twisted about it. Take it on the chin or take it as a compliment. You're rustling feathers, and a leopard can't change its spots.

Let's face it- there are some beings who don't want you to benefit from upgrades to your body or the downloading of more of your Multidimensional Self here in this world. They don't want to see you in your higher ranges because that means trouble for them and their agenda.

Guardians keep perspective, not just wisdom

The more powerful you get as a result of light accretion, the more the negative beings working behind the scenes are exposed and transmuted. Literally, they lose their power and control over this hijacked planet. That's just what the light does. And it's happening now faster than ever.

It's not just through the crossing over of people who act as unwitting hosts to these parasites. It's happening as a result of Awakenings and individuals refusing to uphold the behaviours and attitudes that would make them the minions of these destructive beings.

Your light even emboldens others to speak up and it exorcises the darkest, deepest pain. And that's why we're seeing their house of cards start to tumble now. More and more people are seeing through the lies as thousands of years of collective abuse go through its alchemical transmutation.

And of course, the more powerful you become and the more you live as your MD self, the more the power dynamic on the planet shifts. We, the earth's Guardians, are gaining a stronger foothold day by day.

When you change from the inside out, you learn how to live in a different way than what you were indoctrinated into since birth on this planet. You finally turn away from that dark force on the planet that destroys, kills, harms, and seeks to control. You establish here a different kind of energy. One that upholds the best qualities of the Angelic Human, or Earth Guardian: truth-telling, fearlessness, power, independence, nobility, fraternity, and love.

This is what is happening on the Higher Timeline, the return of the Guardians, and what will ultimately rid our world of the corruption, oppression, poverty, violence and disease you see today.

You really are the change you wish to see in the world.

On top of that, your latent Higher Dimensional abilities start to kick in and your very essence is a healing balm on others. Your light compounds exponentially, reaching further and wider. There is nothing that you cannot correct and transmute. You really are that powerful when you walk the talk.

The Weakest Link

So how will these negative beings try to trip you up? Through your weakest link. They'll always target your weak spot(s) for the purpose of downgrading your frequency (and thus your healing effect). This is why you need to watch what you ingest or consume.

I know what my weakspots are. For me I might feel tempted to click on videos with division energy (ones that pit us vs. them), or suddenly find myself craving those old friends, cigarettes and weed. I also need to be mindful of how those beings try to work their black magic on me through others. The temptation to engage in things that you know aren't right for you can sneak in with your most loved and favourite people.

You might think that a shopping, drinking or sex binge will scratch that itch. Just pay attention to when these cravings show up. Try to let them pass on through, like a busy train passing through a station. Don't get on the train. And certainly don't pick up any dark passengers. Observe and be vigilant for this is how dark habits can worm themselves back in and downgrade your frequency, no matter how much work you've done before.

This is especially vital right before an important portal or activation period like Lion's Gate, when great strides can be made. Lion's Gate for me has always presented as a bid for healthy power and development. But that can all get missed when I'm too busy cleaning up after a relapse. For further DNA activation, it helps to be already at the top of your frequency range. That usually means pretty clean living right beforehand. Your body needs to be functioning optimally.

Timing is everything

Sometimes downgrading your frequency can be helpful in this crazy world. There are occasions when it actually makes sense to lower your rate of oscillation. You are your own boss and you have the choice to do what makes sense for you.

For instance, when my stepson comes to visit, if I'm at the top of my range, my presence alone will trigger him to purge and detox. Then he'll be in a funk for the short time he's here, which isn't really fair (nor pleasant!) for anyone.

I know a friend who drinks coffee when she wants to bring herself down into the lower ranges of her frequency, just so she can get along a little better in the outside world when she works in retail. So there is defintely some utility in downgrading your frequency from time to time.

But like I mentioned, before Lion's Gate, you want to be at the top of your frequency range so that when the portal opens, you'll be ready to accrete even more lightcodes coming through the sun that will activate your DNA and your Higher Dimensional abilities.

This year I'm keeping strong boundaries and watching what I ingest in the weeks leading up to 8/8, whether that's entertainment, information, or what I put on my skin or in my body. I also pay attention around these times to the company I keep and the places I visit. I plan to go to the lake, hike in the forest, try my hand at painting, and spend more time alone than usual.

Have you thought about how you'll spend this time? Let me know in the comments!

Lion's Gate Level Up Event

If you feel ready to up your game and step more firmly into your Guardian role this year, or if you simply want to reach more of your potential, I invite you to sign up for my Level Up event.

Instead of giving away a video or writing up a long activation for Lion's Gate, I'll be holding a powerful LIVE clearing and activation designed especially to help you activate your own DNA to its highest frequency holding potential.

You can take part in this event wherever you are in the world as I'll be hosting it on Google Meet. The first part will be a clearing, and we'll end with an activation.

Also remember that the more people sign up, the more powerful the event will be, due to a compound effect of all of our vibrations harmonizing and holding the same strong "musical note".

All levels are welcome, all you need is a quiet place where you won't be interrupted for about an hour.

That's all my news for now :) Stay cool this summer and I hope to see you at the Lion's Gate event.

with Love on your journey,

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Unknown member
Jul 29, 2022

It's just so strange the timing of this. A couple of days ago I had a super strong urge to turn away from smoking and coffee, it happens sometimes for reasons I can't explain. I undertook this challenge and found myself meditating more intensely. My willpower suddenly "solidified". But while I was reading this article, I got such a rush/jolt of energy that all of my hairs stood up. And I think somehow my being feels all of these things you're saying. Thanks for sharing, anyway :)

Jul 29, 2022
Replying to

Isn't that amazing how you're naturally led to do what's best for you? That's your own MD showing you the way. As for the sudden jolt of energy- you received the frequency activation in this post. That was the uplifting & motivating energy I was running when writing it. It's also why my posts tend to be so long (they are meant to be experienced). My writing carries frequency - you simply tuned into it :) Thanks for your comment!

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