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New Moon December 2023: New Paths Emerging

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

New Moon December 2023

Woohoo, we are here! On the other side of November, and all the chaos that went with it.

The new energies for 2024 are already opening up. This was a long, long wait if you ask me. The last bits of the descending timeline have separated from the ascending one, plus there have been 7 planets in retrograde. While it appears on the surface that things are heating up in the world, the truth of the matter is, many things in the macro and micro have been going into dissolution for some time in the higher realms, leaving space for things to eventually reorganize at a higher frequency, powered by Infinite Love.

You might have experienced this as parts of you dying & identities deleting, old trauma coming up to the surface for final healing, and more practically, the inability to move forward on certain projects, feeling tremendously stuck and resistant, without the same fear-drive that has always compelled us to act from a survival instinct. That’s because that energy isn't what's driving us anymore; there's a new way of doing things now, with more flow and ease.

If you're only focused on what’s crumbling and bottoming out, that’s all you’ll see. But if you can unplug from that frequency and be still, you’ll sense fresh paths reaching forward, and those moments of bliss and vitality waiting to be used as fuel for endeavours that are aligned with the Ascending (creation mechanics) Spiral.

Now’s not the time to fall into despair when there’s so much to be optimistic about.  If you're experiencing a spot of trouble or mental interference, that's pretty normal around peak lunar periods. Hold onto your hat- it will pass.

Meanwhile, where in your life can you sense shoots and new openings for even better things? What’s so broken, it's not worth fixing and can be scrapped completely to make room for better design and expansion?

Can you identify the old in your life? What feels dead, cold, unmoving or simply exhausting? The old way you were doing things, old friendships, old patterns, and old trajectories have lost their life source now that the creation mechanics spirals have separted.

Future stories of New Earth can now gain momentum without that parasitic influence from the matrix. Where do you fit on this timeline? What will you do with that new energy available? What is your vision?

We move in spirals, forever upwards, in alignment with creation itself. Improvements in relationships, projects and other endeavours can progress now we have integrated the wisdom of what needed to be learned and healed. This is the alchemy within that brings us to higher Ascension states and upgrades our physical bodies.

New Moon December 2023

New Moon December 2023

Allow me to illustrate with an example from my own life. I started painting in August 2022, following Flora Bowley’s Brave Intuitive Painting style. I dove in with no painting experience and struggled for months with the learning curve. By August 2023 I put down my brushes for a while because I felt super stuck and was frustrated that I couldn’t seem to move any of my paintings forward. At that point I hadn’t finished even 1 painting out of the 6 I had started.

But I wasn't just struggling with my painting. A heavy feeling of stuckness seemed to pervade every other area of my life. I was listless and bored and hoped a change of scenery would force a shift. So in November I went to Colombia to do some grid work and then met my husband a few weeks later in Mexico.

Soon after my return to Vancouver Island in early December, things started to move inside me and I went back to the studio. In a very short time I was able to finish one of my paintings and watched in amazement as a very personal story picture emerged. My own painting process was revealed to me when I finally surrendered to the flow and got out of my own way. I have now been able to move forward with painting, having somehow integrated the lessons from before, with a fresh new energy unburdened by much self-judgment/ shadow interference.

I had stepped off the old spiral and managed to step back on at a higher frequency, after some time away from painting.

Similar to alchemical processes, things in your life might have to break down first before they can be continued or rebooted in a new way, at a much higher level, to produce better results. 

We have gone up a notch on the spiral of creation. What lies ahead are upgrades to the designs of our lives, with a fresh, uplifting, unhindered energy to pursue projects and community efforts that are more in alignment with the New Earth grid, with ourselves as the living Nodes in that grid.

If you tune into it, and get off the fear-driven machine of consumption, ambition, greed and competition that is the signature of the old matrix, you can float along, albeit at a slower pace, with these more blissful energies beckoning you to live from your heart.

But before I sign off, I want to remind you about one more thing.

We are entering another short retrograde period this Wednesday. So just be mindful that there might still be some postponements and glitches as you nudge your way forward through December.

My advice is to try to hold your focus on the things that are working out. The stuff that’s giving you a hassle? Step off that spiral and wait for things to shake themselves out. Then get back on when joy and a lightness of being call to you.

Trust your own life's creative process and the maternal protection from the Earth. Your external environment is always showing you which way to go if you can find the stillness within to recognize it.

There's no reason to panic. December’s a time for gathering with family and friends so it’s a good time for a break, to soften your grip and step back. Ask yourself what wants to emerge anew?

Allow yourself another hot chocolate and keep doing the things that are bringing you joy and peace, without the need to know what’s coming or forcing things. In the face of any doubts, confusion or fog ahead, optimism and being curious to the unknown will be your keys to making the most of this energy.

If you need help identifying where new paths are emerging in your own life, why not book a Deep Dive with me?

Have a wonderful holiday season, Empath!

x with Love on your Journey

new moon December 2023

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