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January 2024 Energy Report

Updated: Jan 26

January 2024 energy report
As an intentional being, you have so much more potency to steer the way ahead

Spark it Up

January 2024 Energy Report

Back in late November, early December, you might have experienced some false starts- when you felt the engines revving up, but they seemed to dissipate or fizz out. If you didn’t gain much traction towards your goals then, not to worry- your ignition was sparked and that’s what matters. 

Something you started dabbling in will really begin to flesh out this year. You'll know what that is because it feels fresh and exciting, not old and heavy. (For help focusing on making bigger strides with your goals this year, join my goal activation event at the end of the month

The message coming through for 2024 is: Anything is possible - Dream bigger.

Focus on the vast expanse of potential available and what positive changes you want to see. Try not to get sucked into any fear-inducing stories that are being pushed through to the world on your screens, which squanders this productive spark energy and deludes you into thinking you're powerless.

Once you unplug from that frequency, you can connect to the power of who (and what) you really are.

Remember, YOU are on the higher timeline and YOU are the heavyweight. In your integrity, embodying Universal Love, You and your wishes are changing the world and shaking things up.

As an intentional being, you have so much more potency to steer the way ahead, especially when we gather in groups towards a common goal.

The power of Groups in 2024

Connecting and working together practically with the right individuals will be pivotal to making sense of your place in the world moving into 2024 and beyond.

I'm not talking about ganging up to fight against a common enemy like in the movie Independence Day (which could be a thing this year, who knows) or ganging up on people who disagree with you. These are shadow expressions of the power of groups.

Uniting in VISION, VALUE and CARE is where Mother Earth needs us to focus together. Some people are already doing this, connecting from different parts of their countries and zooming regularly about what they deem important for their societies in the face of proposed technocratic changes relating to digital banking and IDs.

If you haven’t settled yet in your tribe, don’t worry, there's still time. Follow up with this because the energy ahead really supports working in groups to embody a futuristic vision. Where's your tribe? Focus on what excites you and work backwards to find groups and alliances dedicated to it. It could be permaculture, preserving culture or art, cancer, clean water, elderly care, or family. It could be absolutely anything at all, but think 'humane'. Find your people through your #1 humanitarian passion.

It's your Soul's way of helping you take your place in the 'global village'.

More and more, we're being being invited into Mother Earth consciousness, where we take care of each other and our planet at a grassroots level. This differs from the global climate agenda where we'll be asked to accept more centralization, surveillance, and digital measures of control. You'll need to know where you stand on this so you're supporting the right thing. Are you taking a close look at your alliances? That will predict, to a degree, the direction you're headed in. Make sure you're being intentional about what and who you support. This is your Power Move.

We don't have to succumb to a dystopian vision of the future- it's in our hands! In my view, this is why there are so many Starseeds on the planet right now. We've come from the future for this Earth mission- to reclaim our visions for the future of our planet.

Embody the Expanse

In your personal lives, 2024 is the year to dream bigger and to do some heavy lifting. What’s your five year vision? Can you break free from any old timelines that are keeping you from imagining something radically different. Just go for it, is the message I keep hearing. Shoot for the stars and see what you end up with in the end.

In last month's report I mentioned we weren’t out of the woods yet. New paths were emerging. Those paths made themselves known and then seemed to recede back. That had to do with the retrogrades, as well as Neptunian energy at the end of December, when everything seemed to almost grind to a halt. January 2024 energy report

Now the engines are revving back up; the sun is peeking through the clouds. Still quite slow around this new moon, but by the end of the month, we’ll be going full steam ahead on some sparkly tail-wind. 

My best guess is that by March, you’ll have a much clearer picture of what’s moving forward and what has completely run its course. But you can dream big now. Put it all into motion and see what sticks. You can refine and concentrate, amplify your energy and narrow your focus after you get feedback from the environment about what’s going to stick and work out for you. 

We have spark. Now’s a go. Make a big bid, or several smaller ones. Throw out all your lines between now and March. Then you can edit, check your lines and use your energy more efficiently.

Until then, try to connect to this very expansive energy I see coming in as vast clouds of pink and purple stardust. We are supported at the highest levels in our universe. These energies here for us to build a better life for ourselves and our world. 

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