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August 2023 New Moon Energy Report: Rainbow Yourself

August 2023 New Moon Energy Report

August 2023 New Moon Energy Report

The energies around this New Moon portal are so bright, they sparkle. And they portend a miracle. Never have we had so much peace and light on the planet.

The question is whether you can tap into them.

These energies are a gift. Because now is the time for Expansion.

There’s an opportunity to bring more of You online. More of your Higher Dimensional self presenting: through sensations, flashes of wisdom, downloads, imagery, knowingness.

If you can just be still and listen. If you can unplug from the myriad distractions and screens.

In the weeks ahead, aim to Connect to the Multidimensional Feminine energies flooding this planet. Connect to the rainbow part of yourself.

Some of you already experience this part of yourself as multicoloured. You might be very drawn to multicolours or you might get flashes, as I do, of rainbows. Or rainbow orbs.

This is the multidimensional feminine energy that is becoming more prevalent here on the planet. It is sourced from somewhere else, from another universe. It’s like a surrogacy here.

And you can integrate this into your own being. This is the rainbow that will bring you 'home'.

It’s helping with the planet’s ascension, which is an internal ascension so it can only be accessed through the inner planes. It’s not like you’re going to walk through a Stargate in the sky. That would be an external (and, via holographic insert technology, possibly fabricated) ascension. Your personal ascension happens through your own inner awakening and your own inner participation.

Just anchoring there.

Now is a really good time to connect to the playfulness of the Rainbow.

How do you connect to your own inspiration? How do you get into flow? What makes you feel like you’re almost channeling a higher part of you?

This is the energy that’s becoming available now. That’s what’s opening up. Joyful Expansion.

We’re not even gonna look at the shadow aspects this lunar portal. Let’s just focus on these beautiful, really high frequency, gossamer fine, energies that are pouring into our universe, through the plasma rays of the sun, and available via your own Krystal light body.

They’re Krystal. Reflective. Like when you look at a bubble and you can see the rainbow reflected off the surface of the bubble. That's You.

Peace and joy form the very infrastructure of this planet, and what she is becoming, on her long journey to becoming a star. You are a part of this. You are helping it happen. You are not separate from the Earth.

This is the signature of energy we have access to right now. What might that look like in your personal life?

More variety. More spice. More ways to connect. More ways to self-soothe without self-medicating.

More feelings of connection and Oneness through creative pursuits and through activities that bring you joy. That could be through connecting through people, too. Connecting with your family, friends, people in your community, circle, or network. As long as you have been doing your part to sift and sort out who and what you want in your future.

There really is an angelic presence available now on the planet. Because you are the Angel. Again, these are those Krystal energies that you recognize when you feel it. It's a belonging. It's a song. It's a call home.

(While recording this part, a cat with a bear-bell began strolling around outside, lending a soft tinkling background effect to the accompanying track)

Stop reading and connect to the fullness of you. Feel it. They are in these words even.

Not the "you" restrained to your personality and its flaws. But the You that connects to everything. That has all the wisdom of the universe at your fingertips. That has all the compassion and patience at your disposal.

Tap into this infinite source of Love.

Into this Expansion of You as an eternal, angelic being.

If you focus on what your body feels like in the weeks ahead, try to get the sense of yourself expanding.

You might even imagine that you’re in a multicoloured bubble.

Because now is the time to play. Do the things that make you feel connected to the All. To the Eternal Source. The Loving Intelligence Field that pervades every living thing, from the rocks to the trees, to the birds and the fish.

Connect to joy and the Lightness of Being now. They are here for you to amplify and experience through your body.

(Even the Stellar Jays agree)

x with Love on your Journey

August 2023 New Moon Energy Report

August 2023 New Moon Energy Report

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