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New Moon May 2023 Energy Report: Performance Upgrade Ahead

New Moon May 2023 Energy Report

Guardians, Prepare for Diamond Light & Emerald Fire Code Activation after this New Moon

New Moon May 2023 Energy Report

The energies available after this new moon portend a dramatic upshift to the next level. This is TRANSFORMATION energy, but first, prepare.

As the moon wanes to nothing, now's the time to clean up. Simplify your life. Cut out what's extraneous and bleeding you out. Question any lingering behaviours or habits that you know are holding you back.

Tighten up the bolts, so to speak.

Energetically: Stop letting in influences that make you weak, impulsive, or morally ambiguous. Remember that overuse of alcohol and substances leads to energy field tears and fissures where lower vibrations can seep through. The intensity of this lunar portal might tempt you into excess and taking things too far, possibly at the expense of your energetic integrity or ethics.

Some of you might call this a test. But really, it's an opportunity to make a huge shift upward towards more emotional efficiency and energetic economy.

Being vigilant now with what you consume and let into your life will make all the difference to how much baloney you have to deal with later. The less nonsense you allow to permit, the less fallout there will be in your life. Now you have a chance to jump to a higher timeline where you can cut through bullshit like butter and nothing negative affects you much.

A Performance Road stretches ahead, so keep things tight.

At the material level, ask where can you streamline processes now to gain time and energy.It's time to get serious with your ambitions. What new endeavours have been waiting in the wings to be launched? Whatever you pour your energy into after this new moon will shoot off like a rocket, rippling through the universe.

A fresh start is around the corner. Make the jump now to a higher output setting where of your Avatar self can come forward. As the Diamond Light Codes and Emerald Fire on the planet increases, you, too can run more voltage now. Watch your focus and mental acuity sharpen, and your ability to sustain prolonged activity improve.

Tune in more deeply into your own natural rhythms, remembering there's a time to act and a time to rest. With this improved efficiency you'll find there's more downtime and can actually rest more deeply in between tasks. Your inner flow will make itself known to you if you pay attention. Embody your multidimensional Avatar being. This is the kind of performance upgrade available. You can switch up a gear now.

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