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Pisces New Moon Energy Update: Restoration

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Happy New Moon, Empath!

The theme for this New Moon is 'restoration'. If you want to really get the benefits of what this lunar portal has to offer, you'll need to take some of you 'off-line'.

The I hope you'll enjoy my intuitive message for this deeply restorative moon in Pisces. I've also made you an energy transmission video that goes along with today's message. The link's at the bottom.

Deep rest and creating space will nourish and protect you now since this Pisces moon could feel very emotional or tender.

Here are some tips for doing that.

Stop doing things that burn you out.

Stop chasing white rabbits, spinning your wheels and putting out fires. No more doom scrolling into the wee hours of the night. This week, give yourself permission to be in bed early. An extra two hours' sleep over the next four days will make the difference between you feeling that you've picked up something that doesn't belong to you, and the ability to keep any cracks well sealed.

Restorative Activity

What does 'downtime' mean to you? Instead of just napping or mindlessly watching TV, find ways to rejuvenate and replenish through action. Joy is a frequency that helps you to re-set and establish a new baseline for health, peace and vitality. If you're feeling low energy, low motivation, in a rut or just blah, make the effort to bring back into your quotidien life, those things that make your heart feel full and your inner child smile. Don't skimp on filling your creative well. Actively engage in restorative activities.

Make Space in your Body

How do you make more space in your body? Do you need to visit your acupuncturist, chiropractor, or get on your yoga mat to help decompress your spine? Are you getting enough healthy fats? Are you taking a high quality magnesium supplement? Remember, you are literally a conduit for earth grid energy. Does it have enough room to move up and down your spine freely? Pain or stiffness in the shoulders and neck are telltale signs that energy is blocked.

When we upgrade the physical body, we are meant to be doing so to hold more of our multidimensionality here during these times. The whole point of Ascension is to accrete more light, while in physical form, to activate our Krystal DNA. That's hard to do if you're leaking energy or are bogged down by too many foreign ones.

This moon, there could be important messages waiting to spring forth from deep within. Make sure you have enough light for yourself first so you can reach that level where miracles start to happen, inside and out.

Give Realtionships Sacred Space

Lastly, please remember this week to not just show loving kindness towards your body, but also towards your pets, who constantly radiate their love and support. Find the space within to be more patient, playful and affectionate towards your furry friends. Honour members of your household who may need more time away or alone, or in silence. Allow others to have their peace so you can get on with the filling of your own well.

I hope you enjoyed this New Moon post. Thank you for sharing and commenting :)

x with Love

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